Salam and morning guys!

So today just want to share to you about my vacay in Sabah with my family.

We went to Sabah  on November 2018. We travel about 4 days and 3 nights. if you guys ask me how much we paid for this travel. I don't have any idea since it's fully sponsored by my mom and my dad. Plus, we go with my aunt's family. So the paid was allocated between us. Haha!!!
So , basically we went wit 10 members. A lot right? Hehe!

Our flight was AirAsia since it's the cheapest one. Our 3 hours flight just normal but stil exciting since we never went to Sabah. ( Malaysian but never travel around Malaysia. LOL! )

Our first day at Sabah, right after touch down, we went to Sabah Museum with a van we already rent with a driver. He took us there. At the museum, basically provided some history of Sabah and also their culture.

After that we just stayed at the homestay where we rent at Kota Kinabalu. We stay at Borneo Apartment ( If I not mistaken). I dont have a picture of the…

Drive A Car and Cook!??

So hye guys!

It's actually night already but just got my time to update. Sorry for those who been waiting to the update ( Is there have it? Lol ) . Whatever. If there thank you, of not, hehe! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

So basically, I'm just stayed at home right now 'cause it's a mid sem break for UKM. So just do my homework ( even it is holidayπŸ™„ ). So this sem break, I actually took a driving class for the whole week. It 's been 1 year already I have a L license. So need to be finish it .

So I took a manual license. Oh my god! My legs! Numb mehh~.. Cannot say much but still really excited 'cause first time holding a stering's car. You know right? 😎😎

It's has been 2 days I learned driving. Today is my first day drive on the road. Huu~! Thriller wooo~! Hehe!! After class I back home and cook some food. ( When you felt excited, everything you want to do ).

Cook some 'kari udang' and 'ikan keli goreng' . Haha! I can cook okay~! (πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹)

So, that was my day for…

Why Need Vitamin?

Hello Guys!! How your day today? Is it good or bad? If you have a good day, celebrate it! If not, no worries, life have many colours right?

So just want to ask you guys, is there any of you guys taking any vitamin? Do you know the purpose of taking a vitamin or why we need to take a vitamin?

Some of us think that, it is dangerous to take any pills in our daily life because they said it can effect your kidney. Yes! some of the pills can give that effect. That why, we need to choose our vitamin wisely. Why suddenly I've talk about vitamin?

I've learned that everyone need to take vitamin or supplement because some of vitamin cannot be produced in our body. Some of them need some "push" to produce them. So that is the important of taking a vitamin because they are there to help your body to maintain your healthy life. But you must know that supplement or vitamin is not an medicine.

Some of us think when the type is same like a medicine, it is a medicine. Nope! That'…

Me As UKM Student

Me As UKM Student So hye guys! Basically this is my first entry of my blog. Actually I've already have blog before this but didn't post anything about myself. So for the first, it's gonna be my life as a student in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

So if you guys wonder where UKM is, actually UKM is located at Bangi. So you guys can google it where is it. Don't ask me where Bangi is because I also cannot explain it for you. Hahaha!
I'm actually a 1st year student in my 2nd semester. So for those who want to ask further about UKM, ask the 3rd year student,okay? Hehehe!! -peace no war-
I'm taking an economics course. Very hard actually but once you can solve the problem in any subject, trust me you will get addicted! 😎
How life in UKM actually I'm just have a normal life. Get up in the morning, go to lecture class, eating, back to college and so on. Then repeat it again. Lifestyle right? What to expect~πŸ˜‚
But! Yes everyday will be a different in their o…