Salam and morning guys!

So today just want to share to you about my vacay in Sabah with my family.

We went to Sabah  on November 2018. We travel about 4 days and 3 nights. if you guys ask me how much we paid for this travel. I don't have any idea since it's fully sponsored by my mom and my dad. Plus, we go with my aunt's family. So the paid was allocated between us. Haha!!!
So , basically we went wit 10 members. A lot right? Hehe!

Our flight was AirAsia since it's the cheapest one. Our 3 hours flight just normal but stil exciting since we never went to Sabah. ( Malaysian but never travel around Malaysia. LOL! )

Our first day at Sabah, right after touch down, we went to Sabah Museum with a van we already rent with a driver. He took us there. At the museum, basically provided some history of Sabah and also their culture.

Right after touchdown and ride a van.

Selfie mood! The photo look ??? (And also so hot) Everyone try to smile
After that we just stayed at the homestay where we rent at Kota Kinabalu. We stay at Borneo Apartment ( If I not mistaken). I dont have a picture of the homestay but I make a video around the house for my youtube channel. You can watch it there! :)

At night we went to eat some seafood near Pasar Filipina.


One before order!

The food pictures. I forgot where I save. Sorry~ no food pictures.. Right after dinner, we walked around there only. We also walked around the Pasar Filipina but not bought anything because we already planed that we will buy at the last day because it's a lil bit hard to bring along when we were still travel. so we just had a shopping at the last day then when right to the airport. More convenient.

Back to the homestay and rest!

Actually I forgot what we do the next day. Haha! Either went to the beach or heading to Kundasang. But whatever I'm just gonna share everything!

Backview of Mount Kinabalu

We also went to the Mount Kinabalu . ( Just the start point not climb up~). It start getting cold here since we ride up from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang. So keep wearing double clothes all the time!

It the end of Part I, will soon for Part II okay? Just a moment only. Will write it soon!

Love ya!


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